This is real life people

This is the real live response I got from Direct TV. Please note they are STILL after my account number. Good Grief!

Response (Nerissa Ba. – 100192831) – 11/03/2009 06:40 PM
Dear Ms. Ingram-Sewell,

Thanks for writing.

Difficult service experiences like the one you had are rare and we certainly do not take them lightly. I apologize for the trouble you’ve had. In addition, I have forwarded your comments on to DIRECTV Management for review.

Moving forward, were you able to get an answer to your question? If not, I’d like to resolve the issue for you; please write back and let us know how we can help. Don’t forget to include your account number in your reply, so we can help you quickly.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused you.


Nerissa B.
Employee ID 100192831
DIRECTV Customer ServiceDear Nerissa,

Thank you so much for your prompt and respectful response. However, I
cannot include my account number…I DON’T HAVE ONE. That was kind of
the whole point. The good news is that my son received no phone calls
today. So I do believe that my issue has been resolved (HALLELUJAH)
but I have to tell you that I wouldn’t get involved with your company
if you guys were paying me. I HATE my cable company, their service
sucks, but this experience has proved to me what I suspected to be
true…companies like yours just collect cash and don’t respect the
people who work so hard to earn that cash.

I thank you personally for your time and consideration. I seriously
doubt that “management” will care about any inconvenience to my
family. After all, they don’t pay particularly good attention to the
consumers who write them checks.

God Bless you and continue to encourage you in the no win job that you
have. Tough job justifying a company like that. I salute YOU but
respectfully maintain…

Anita Ingram-Sewell

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